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The professional surface finisher for hard, continuous use.
A revolution in linear grinding!
Simply slide on the abrasives and they secure themselves automatically when the machine turns. Fast and easy!

Perfect finishes on large surfaces, with no shadows or streaks.
New abrasive mounting system saves time, reduces cost and eliminates vibration.
PTX Eco Smart is a multi-functional grinding and polishing system for flat surfaces and open or closed pipe constructions. It grinds from coarse to very fine finishes and burnishes to a high-gloss finish. It enhances stainless steel, steel and nonferrous metals including aluminum, brass, bronze and copper, as well as wood and rigid plastic.
Balanced straight-line handling, high torque and electronic speed control enable the PTX to easily produce matte, satin and other decorative surfaces up to a mirror finish. Besides fine finishing, the PTX is ideal for coarse grinding to remove welds, deep scratches, oxidation, rust and paint.

PTX Eco Smart features a newly developed abrasive mounting system. This unique system allows grinding and polishing wheels to be changed in seconds, without tools or hardware. Simply slide the wheels and accessories onto the finned, rigid rubber shaft. They secure themselves automatically when the machine turns.
The finned shaft design ensures absolutely no vibrations during operation and 100% concentricity. The main savings compared to other linear grinders comes from the cost of abrasives. The elimination of an internal core means the abrasives wheels can be produced less expensively, while delivering the same high-quality results.
CS Unitec can provide you with an extensive range of abrasive tools (patent pending) and accessories to cover almost every conceivable surface finishing application.
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47002A N/A PTX Eco Smart Linear Grinder PTX Eco Smart Linear Grinder N/A 1710 W230 V/60 Hz 110 V/60 Hz Request Quote
52004-2 N/A QUICK-LOCK Power Cord N/A Request Quote
40008 N/A Basic Case N/A Request Quote
80002 N/A Professional Case N/A Request Quote
42004 N/A Hollow-Core Shaft Adapter N/A Request Quote
47003a N/A PTX Eco Smart Case Set
PTX Eco Smart Case Set
N/A Request Quote
47004a N/A PTX Eco Smart Professional Kit
PTX Eco Smart Professional Kit
N/A Request Quote
47006 N/A Slide-On Grinding Belt Roller
Slide-on Grinding Belt Roller
N/A 12.27 A1350 W110 V/60 Hz 230 V/50 Hz Request Quote
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