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The most powerful speed-controlled angle grinder in its class.

VARILEX® is the ideal angle grinder for flap, grinding and cutting discs and the Hook & Loop system.

The VARILEX® boasts a powerful motor up to 12.27 Amp, 1350 W that has been designed and developed for heavy industrial use. The speed is infinitely adjustable between 2000 and 7300 RPM. A tachogenerator keeps the speed constant, even when the grinder is operating at full load. Sensitive variable-speed control makes the VARILEX® ideal for use with both flap discs and grinding and cutting wheels.

This feature:
  • Doubles the service life of a flap disc
  • Prevents glazing of the disc and heat deformation on the workpiece
  • Drastically reduces the noise level
The VARILEX® differs from a conventional angle grinder in its ability to change discs in seconds, without tools, using the patented EASY-LOCK clamping nut and spindle lock.

It also offers:
  • Optimal speed setting for a range of grinding and polishing tools, yielding perfect results every time
  • A balanced handle that ensures fatigue-free grinding
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6500A N/A VARILEX® WSF 1600 Professional
VARILEX® WSF 1600 Professional
N/A Infinitely adjustable from 2000 to 7300 rpm N/A 4 5 6 7 N/A 5/8-11 UNC Request Quote
80053 N/A Basic Starter Kit
Basic Starter Kit
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80051u N/A FIX Test Kit
FIX Test Kit
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