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For pore-deep cleaning of metals (sand-blasting effect)

MAGNUM CLEAN® is an elastic cleaning disc for the poredeep cleaning of metals. This elastic coarse fleece disc is interspersed with silicon carbide grit and cleans without harming the base material. The disc itself is iron-free, which means that there is no risk of corrosion. The coarse fleece material will not glaze or load, even if exposed to heavy contamination. MAGNUM CLEAN® is the ideal cleaning disc for pore-deep removal of paint, rust, scale and oil smears, as well as for cleaning and exposing without material removal. It is ideal for use in body shops (cleans thin sheet metal with no material removal) and in the automotive industry, and it is also suitable for underseal, renovating, painting and building work. MAGNUM CLEAN® is particularly good for removing paint and other coatings on wood, stone and metal (including window frames, doors and frames, furniture, house facades, graffiti, railings, fences, supports and machines).
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