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The EBS 125.5 includes one premium Diamond wheel.
Unit of Measure


N/A EBS 125.5


N/A 14A

Rated Voltage [V]

N/A 110

Load Speed [rpm]

N/A 10,000

N/A The EBS 125 Concrete Grinder is held by two side handles. This ergonomic "H" design differs from traditional right angle grinders and allows the operator to finish larger surfaces with less fatigue. Additionally, the motor is set above the grinding wheel in a dust-free zone, resulting in longer tool life.
A brush shield protects against dust and enables adjustment of the working height to the wear of the diamond grinding wheel. Also, the EBS 125 has a removable front dust guard for finishing concrete floors into the corners and edges. This allows grinding right up to the wall.
An optional walk-behind cart allows for comfortable operation of the EBS 125 Concrete Grinder. The perfect addition to virtually dust free grinding when used with the CS 1225 vacuum.

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