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Water Recycling System for Power Tools, Flood Reclamation, Pond/Pool Cleaning & Wet/Dry Vacuuming

Slurry & Debris contained in filter bag - clean water passes into the tank for recycling

  • Integrated Submersible Sump Pump with Replaceable Filter Sleeve - powerful, robust operation has a flow rate of 78 gallons per minute at level and a maximum water lift of 18 feet. Delivery is 10.5 GPM at 10 feet. Can recycle or discharge water.
  • Sevure, Reliable Connections - Power cable plug for sump pump and water recycling or discharge hose connection
  • Heavy-duty Seals - Heavy-duty plugs seal vacuum for normal wet/dry cleaning & transport
  • Stainless Steel Canister can either be tilted or lifted out of cart
  • Large wheels, locking front caster, 26 ft. power cord and removable handle allow for easy maneuverability & transport
  • Two switches operate motor and pump independently

The CS 2000 is 4 Tools in 1:

  • Portable water supply for power tools - saves time with fewer interuptions for refilling water tanks. Keeps work site clean & traps slurry for easy waste disposal.
  • Flood vacuum cleaner - picks up large volumes of water in a short time from flooded areas, including basements, and pumps it out of the location. Also ideal for draining water from pipes.
  • Pond and pool cleaning - efficiently vacuums particles up to 3/8" dia., including algae, mud and foliage. The material is captured in the porous filter bag. The clear water can be pumped back into the pond/pool.
  • Universal wet/dry vacuum cleaner


N/A CS 2000

Air Flow [cfm]

N/A 150


N/A 17 Amp, 115 VAC/60Hz A

Weight [lbs]

N/A 59

Filter P/N (2pk.)

N/A 420592 (Slurry)

Dimensions [inch]

N/A 20.5(W) x 21.6(L) x 39.5(H)

Canister Capacity [gal]

N/A 13

Water Pressure

N/A 14.5 psi

Water Capacity

N/A 7 gal.
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