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Especially designed and manufactured for use in our Air Rotary Hammer. These carbide-tipped hammer drill bits will provide maximum performance and extended drilling life providing a lower cost per hole.
Unit of Measure

Bit Diameter [inch]

N/A 7/32

Usable Length [inch]

N/A 7

Overall Length [inch]

N/A 9


A special lightweight, thin wall, carbide-tipped design, weighing fifty percent less than traditional core drills allows CS Unitec Core Drills to meet far less resistance when drilling into masonry and concrete materials. Drilling speed is up to thirty five percent faster than with core bits constructed with a heavier wall thickness.

An innovative self-locking mechanism, for securing the pilot drill, eliminates the need for set screws or a pilot drill that must depend on a taper fit to stay in place. By using a unique ball locking operation the hammer operator has no need for extra tools or knockout pins for removing the pilot drill after the hole being drilled is located. Ideal for horizontal or vertical drilling in masonry and concrete materials.

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