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-Cut channels in concrete and masonry-Ideal for electricians, plumbers and other contractors-Cut two parallel grooves up to 1 13/16" wide x 1 3/4" deep-Operates with two parallel blades and spacers-Compact with parallel grips for easy handling-Works 5/8" from the edge or corner-Closed vacuum hood for efficient dust collection, optimal air flow and easy removal of fragments; vacuum hose lock-Motor overload protection with optical overload indicator


N/A 20 AMP / 110 V A

Blade Diameter

N/A 6 Inch

Load Speed [rpm]

N/A 4,300

No-load Speed

N/A 7,500 rpm

Arbor [inch]

N/A 7/8

Cutting Depth [inch]

N/A 1-3/4 (max)

Weight [lbs]

N/A 12.8

Blade, Standard, 6"

N/A P/N 37440

Blade, Premium, 6"

N/A P/N 37441

Max. Slot Width

N/A 1-13/16 Inch
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