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CS Unitec's SuperBand™ saw blades are made of tough M42 steel. 8% cobalt gives our blades the highest heat resistance and wear resistance of all portable band saw blades. The hardness is Rc 67-69.
SuperBand™ saw blades easily cut most ferrous and nonferrous metals, including steel, stainless steel, Inconel, chrome, Hastelloy, tool steels, "super" alloys and other materials. Longer life, fewer blade changes and the fastest cutting rates result in SuperBand™ providing the lowest cost per cut.
Unit of Measure

Teeth per inch

N/A 14 TPI

Cuts Material [inch]

N/A 3/16 - 1/2 thick

Length - L [inch]

N/A 66

Width - W [inch]

N/A 5/8

Thickness - T [inch]

N/A .025

Blade for Model Nos.

N/A 5 6031 0010, 5 6047 0010, 5 6041 0010
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