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Dry polish stainless steel in corners up to a mirror finish!

The POLY-MAGIC-WHEEL is designed for finishing and dry polishing in corners, producing up to a perfect mirror finish in just two steps. These discs are made of highly compressed fleece material and are made in a sophisticated production process using compressed single flaps that are strengthened by being impregnated with foam. This special process allows considerably more abrasive material to be used than on conventionally wound "unitized wheels and discs."

The POLY-MAGIC-WHEEL is ideal for grinding and polishing bead and corner welds. It may only be used frontally.
Unit of Measure

Diameter [inch]

N/A 6 1/2

Material Thickness [inch]

N/A 1/2

Arbor [inch]

N/A 7/8

Max. Speed [rpm]

N/A 5000

Ideal Speed [RPM]

N/A 3000 to 4000


N/A Grit A (80 grit)


N/A Initial grinding & leveling welds (Red)


N/A 5 per pack
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