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Flap disc with cool performance for grinding stainless steel

The PLANTEX® high-tech compound is becoming the standard flap disc for many companies. It is fiberglass free and provides excellent performance and service life. PLANTEX® also protects the environment and precious resources.

The result:

The PLANTEX® COOL TOP® high-tech compound has been specifically developed for grinding stainless steel.

A new abrasive fabric with additional top-size coating improves grinding performance and service life and also provides additional cooling.
Unit of Measure

Diameter [inch]

N/A 4

Width [inch]

N/A 0.63

Arbor [inch]

N/A 5/8


N/A 60

Max. Speed [rpm]

N/A 15000


N/A 10 per pack

Complies with

N/A ANSI B7.1, 260 ft/s DIN EN 13743


Strength & safety with FEM
The backing plate for the PLANTEX® high-tech compound is calculated using the finite element method (FEM). That ensures that it provides the optimal strength and safety properties, while minimizing material use. Like all flap discs from CS Unitec, PLANTEX® flap discs are approved for 260 ft./sec. to DIN EN 13743 and have been approved by the MPA (Material Testing Institute) in Hanover and by the BGIA (Professional Association Institute for Industrial Safety). PLANTEX® additionally complies with ANSI standard B7.1.

Easy Disc Changeover - No Wrenches or Hubs Required!
Grinding discs can be changed in seconds, without tools, using the 5/8"-11 EASY-LOCK SPEED NUT. It is easily tightened by hand and eliminates the need for wrenches or expensive hubs.

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