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Designed for grinding steel, stainless steel and other materials in nuclear plants, oil and gas industries and applications where spark reduction is an important feature

Eco Brazing (EB) diamond grinding discs from CS Unitecreduce sparking to 1% of that produced by resinoid wheels, making EB diamond a better choice than resinoid for use in some hazardous environments.
Unit of Measure

Diameter [inch]

N/A 7

Arbor [inch]

N/A 7/8


N/A 50

Max. Speed [rpm]

N/A 8500

Ideal Speed [RPM]

N/A 3300


N/A 1 disc


  • Diamond grit protrudes higher off the EB diamond disc than traditional diamond wheels, providing greater durability, longer service life and cutting freeness
  • High-tensile steel backing disc reduces plate thickness for a lightweight wheel that allows for high-rotation grinding
  • High yield strength makes the steel backing disc elastic, helping to ensure that operators do not grind the material by over-removal
  • Reduced sparking increases the visibility of the workpiece
  • The EB diamond wheel wears approximately 1% as much as a resinoid wheel, therefore significantly reducing the amount of abrasive dust emitted
  • Ideal for grinding steel and stainless steel, as well as natural stone, granite, marble, fiberglass and other materials
Benefits of reduced sparking:
  • Workpiece visibility is improved, allowing more accurate grinding
  • Reduced fire hazard from sparks

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