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  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Air Driven

Quiet and Compact
CS Air movers are lightweight, easy to handle and highly efficient for moving large volumes of air. Operating on compressed air, they are ideal for ventilation in hazardous areas and volatile atmospheres. No moving parts make them safe to use and easy to maintain.

Unit of Measure


  • The sturdy housing is made of stainless steel and the nozzle is made of brass to withstand high mechanical loads and chemical influence. Consequently, CS Air movers have a nearly unlimited service life and they are quieter than comparable units.
  • No moving parts-safe for hazardous locations.
  • CS Air movers have suspension lugs for easy mounting. Therefore, they can be aligned exactly with the required blower area.
  • Model W 40 and W 70 have ball-type shut off valves.
  • Connection for static ground wire.

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